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Medicine Buddha - Thangka.Tibetan medicine is different from Western, Chinese or Indian medicine. Tibetan medicine and Tibetan Buddhism are connected with each other. For Tibetans an illness occurs when the balance between three bodily fluids is disturbed - air, bile and mucus. Hatred, desire and ignorance as well as external influences are regarded as reasons that can poison the soul and thus the body.

While Western medicine has reached a high level when it comes to fight the symptoms of a disease, the Tibetan medicine tries to heal the deeper reasons of the illness.

Tibetan Handbook of Medicine

Tibetan medical knowledge and healing is documented in a handbook from the 8th century. The practical part of healing is based on herbs and minerals. Also advice on proper nutrition is an important part of Tibetan medicine. And last but not least there is the psychological part. Tibetan medicine focuses on healing the soul that is frequently the real reason behind a physical illness. Thus the Buddhist way of right thinking and right acting closes the circle of medical healing and Buddhist beliefs.

The Medicine Buddha

medicine Buddha in blue.

The aspect of healing in Buddhism is shown in Tibetan imagery in the form of the Medicine Buddha. He is always shown in blue color and holds a bowl with herbs in his left hand.

Video about Tibetan Medicine

Watch this documentary video The Blue Buddha - Lost Secrets of Tibetan Medicine produced by CBC.CA. Duration: 45:36 minutes.

Dieter Wanczura, May 2010.

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