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Nepal Statues

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The metal statues made by a few Newari families in Patan in Kathmandu Valley have been famous for centuries in countries like Tibet, India or Bhutan. This old craft is still practized in Patan. Little has changed since a long time ago.

Buddha Statues - artelino

Buddha Statue from Nepal.This article shows a slide show of handmade and mostly gold-plated Buddha statues from Nepal. The Newari artists and craftsmen from Patan in Nepal have been famous for this for centuries. Even the great Mongol leader Kublai Khan (1215-1294) commissioned a golden stupa in Tibet to the Newari artists in Patan.

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Dipankar Buddha - artelino

Dipankar BuddhaThe historic Buddha who lived circa from 563 until 463 BC on earth, was only one Buddha in a long series of Buddha predecessors and yet to come successors. One of the oldest Buddhas is Dipankar - a real Methuselah.

Dipankar is said to come from an unknown city with the name of Deepavati. And when he was born a strange light was cast from bright lamps ('dipa'). Thus he was called Dipankar.

Dipankar Buddha is said to have lived for a mere hundred thousand years on earth.

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Buddha Statues from Nepal - Part II - artelino

The making of a Buddha statue in Nepal.Second and last part of a unique documentary from Patan in Nepal showing how traditional Tibetan metal statues are made by the method of 'lost wax'.

Last Updated on Sunday, 07 November 2010 19:37 Read and watch: Making of a Buddha Statue in Nepal

Buddha Statues from Nepal - Part I - artelino

Heruka - handmade statue from NepalThis Youtube video shows in two parts how traditional metal statues are created in Nepal. It is incredible how this is all done by hand, just as it has been done the same way for centuries. The film is presumably a unique document as it shows a craft that has in my view lost in quality over the years due to significant changes in market demand. I am afraid it is doomed to disappear.

Last Updated on Sunday, 07 November 2010 19:38 Watch: Making of a Buddha Statue - Part I

Tibetan Statues - artelino

Tibetan StatueSacred Tibetan art has always developed independently from common art, even though it also influenced achievements in sacred art. The religious connection to Indian art via tantric Buddhism is also particularly important. Along with thangkas, sacred cloth scrolls, metal sculptures are one of the most important artistic representation forms of religious matter. Small bronze or copper statues stand out as gems of Tibetan art whose filigree attests to the high craftsmanship of their creators.

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Nepal Statues - artelino

Nepal StatuesThey are called Nepal Bronzes or Tibetan Statues. Both names are a bit misleading. It is an art form for which the Newar artists in Nepal have been famous for from Middle Ages until our days. And the metal used for these unique, all handmade statues is not bronze, but mostly copper - sometimes also brass or various alloys. This articles describes how these metal art works are created by the method of "lost wax form" (Cire Perdue).

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 November 2010 23:25 Read more: Nepal Statues

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