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Tibetan Dragon Rugs - artelino

Tibetan Dragon RugDragons are among the favorite design elements on traditional Tibetan rugs. They are an old good-luck symbol in Tibetan mythology. And dragons are for Tibetans benevolent beings - quite in contrast to their reputation in Western cultures.

Dragons in Tibetan Mythology

Traditional Tibetan Rug with Dragon Design

The dragon exists in Tibetan mythology either as a wood dragon (rare) or in the more spectacular form as a thunder dragon. This being has some superb capabilities that would make superman envious. First of all he can fly in spite of his chunky look. This is symbolized on Tibetan carpets with the depiction of stylized clouds. And as the guys fly with a lot of noise they are called thunder dragons.

Rulers of the Sea and Managers of the Rain

But the capabilities of thunder dragons are by far not yet exhausted. In addition to their flying skills, they rule the seas and manage the rains. To control the rain they use a simple but effective concoction. In their claws they hold a jewel. And when they press the jewel, it rains. And they can even fine-tune the rain-making. Giving a slight pressure to the jewel causes a light shower. And by pressing really hard they can make real thunder rain storms.

Druk - the Magic Dragon

The good thing about dragons is their benevolent nature. They bring many blessings to mankind.

In the Tibetan language the dragon is called "druk". It may be one of the most frequently used symbols not only on Tibetan rugs but in Tibetan arts and crafts in general like on statues, paintings, architecture, textiles or murals. The Tibetans see "druk" as an auspicious character that lives somewhere in the clouds.

Presumably the dragon symbol has its roots in the Bön religion. When Buddhism came to Tibet, many elements of the old Bön religion were integrated into a popular Buddhist culture. The dragon was one of them.

Gallery of Dragons on Tibetan Rugs

It is astonishing how "human" a dragon face can look on a traditional Tibetan carpet. It is the result of the design, but also the individual mastership of the weavers. We show you a few examples of dragons looking fierce, cute, whimsical or simply a bit odd.

Hot DragonCubist DragonHairy DragonCute DragonOld and Hairless DragonDragon out of ShapeDragon Flying with Head WindDragon ScaredTwo Nasty Dragons

If you are interested in seeing more traditional Tibetan rugs with dragon designs, take a look at our Tibetan rug shop.

Dieter Wanczura

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