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Chinese Censorship on Tibet Broadcasts (CNN) - artelino

CNN reports on Tibet.Ralitsa Vassileva and Richard Holmes from CNN report about the censorship methods of Communist Chinese authorities on broadcasts about Tibet and anything related to Tibet like the Dalai Lama. The report speaks for itself.

Chinese Censorship on Tibet

Chinese propaganda is very active in Western media, including Youtubeā„¢ to discredit the Dalai Lama and suppress the truth of what has happened in Tibet since 1951. But Chinese communist propaganda and censorship cannot fool the world nor their own people for ever. When you look back into history, censorship and propaganda by totalitarian regimes have never prevailed. Not for Nazi Germany, and not for Soviet propaganda during the Cold War.

Dieter Wanczura, June 2010.

Last Updated on Friday, 05 November 2010 22:45  

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