Traditional Tibetan Rugs - artelino

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Traditional Tibetan Rugs - artelino
Web Links

Commercial and non-commercial web sites showing traditional Tibetan rugs.

These links are provided for your convenience in an area where information is not easy to find. A listing on artelino does not signify that we recommend this shop or endorse this web site. In fact, in most cases we do not know the web site owners or operators and have never been in touch with them.

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1 Jawalakhel Handicraft Center - Nepal Jawalakhel Handicraft Center - Nepal
Jawalakhel Handicraft Center in Nepal has been the pioneer of the carpet industry in Nepal. It was established in 1960 with support from Switzerland and the Red Cross as an aid project for the Tibetan refugees in Nepal. They offer rugs and carpets in all sizes, shapes and designs including traditional designs. If you happen to be in Kathmandu, a visit to Jawalakhel is certainly a good idea.
2 Rugs of Tibet - Australia Rugs of Tibet - Australia
Online shop of Tibetan rugs from Nepal in mostly traditional designs with some compromises towards Western tastes regarding sizes, shapes and partly design. The shop is owned and operated by a sheep farmer in Tasmania, Australia.
3 Tibetan Rugs Australia Tibetan Rugs Australia
The site offers traditional and semi-traditional Tibetan rugs plus different other Tibetan items.
4 Tibet Teppiche Theo Hiedels - Germany Tibet Teppiche Theo Hiedels - Germany
Small web site with images of old Tibetan rugs in traditional small sizes.
5 Himalayan Traditions - India Himalayan Traditions - India
The site shows many nice examples of traditional Tibetan rug designs that are typical for the creations of Tibetans in exile. The company is located in Northern India (Darjeeling?). I could not find an address or web site owner on the site.
6 Claudio Mariani - USA Claudio Mariani - USA
This site shows some very nice examples of old, traditional Tibetan rugs from the first half of the twentieth century. The items have no prices and the web site has no imprint.
7 Tibetan Rug Traders - USA Tibetan Rug Traders - USA
Dealer in Tibetan rugs from Eureka in CA, USA. They have traditional designs in different sizes. From their web site: "Each year we go to Kathmandu, Nepal where we handpick our rugs directly from the weavers."
8 Wild - Carpets and Textile Arts - Germany Wild - Carpets and Textile Arts - Germany
This carpet gallery in Berlin, Germany, shows a few nice, antique Tibetan rugs on its website. In 2008, the German TV channel Arte broadcast a film with the gallery owner, Mr. Thomas Wild. The TV people accompanied him to remote villages in Tibet where he commissions Tibetan families with traditional nomad rugs. You get the link for the film from Mr. Wilde's web site - beautiful, but in German.
9 Antike Tibet Teppiche Antike Tibet Teppiche
Nice images of a collection of antique Tibetan rugs presented by a German carpet house.

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