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Tibet Shops Germany - artelino
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Tibet shops in Germany offering Tibetan arts and crafts or book stores with focus on Tibet and Buddhism.

These links are provided for your convenience in an area where information is not easy to find. A listing on artelino does not signify that we recommend this shop or endorse this web site. In fact, in most cases we do not know the web site owners or operators and have never been in touch with them.

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1 Buddhafiguren Buddhafiguren
Tibetan Buddha statues, Buddhist and Hindu statues from Nepal, Tibetan ceremonial items, musical instruments, dorje, vajra, ghanta, singing bowls, cymbal, dipa, prayer wheels, mani stones, wall hangings, door curtains, prayer flags, thangkas, incense sticks and more.
2 Galerie Schneelöwe Galerie Schneelöwe
Ms. Edda & Hans-Jürgen Reichelt offer you on her web site a large collection of Tibetan thangkas. Mr. Reichelt has traveled to Asia since the early 1070s. From these travels he came back with his first thangkas and became an avid collector.
3 Kunsthandwerk aus Nepal und Tibet - Silvia Pothmann Kunsthandwerk aus Nepal und Tibet - Silvia Pothmann
This virtual shop is owned and managed by Silvia Pothmann from Berlin, Germany. She travels to Kathmandu every 6 to 9 months and purchases the offered items directly on the spot - from artisans and small workshops in Nepal.
Mail order business specialized in arts and crafts from Nepal and India. Michael Schiel has imported arts and crafts from these two countries since 1992.
5 Tibet Laden - Horst Ludewitz Tibet Laden - Horst Ludewitz
Tibetan jewelry, arts and crafts and incense. The emphasis is on Tibetan jewelry.
6 Tsongkang - Books Tsongkang - Books
Tsongkang was founded in 2007. Tsongkang is an independent book distribution and mail order company focusing on Buddhism and its related subjects of meditation and Tibet.
7 Tibet Online Shop Tibet Online Shop
This is the shop of the German Initative for Tibet. They offer more everyday merchandise like books, flags, CD, incense, bags, jewelry, maps, stickers, poster. A source for small presents.
8 Das Stupa Haus Das Stupa Haus
They offer a number of Tibetan items like singing bells, small Tibetan furniture, a few traditional rugs, jewelry, prayer flags and more Tibetan and Nepalese items.

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