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Ganesh - artelino

Ganesh Standing.Maybe it is because I like elephants in general, or for whatever  reason. I like this Ganesh elephant character who looks so funny and kind of cute. You can find Ganesh images in Nepal mainly in the form of metal statues created by a few Newari families.

Ganesh - God of Wisdom and Success

Ganesh is a Hindu god. In the Hindu pantheon he is the one responsible for success, wealth (look at his belly) and wisdom. No wonder that worshipers like him. It is said that his head shows only one tusk. The other was broken when Ganesh had a fight with another deity. But, frankly, I have never seen a Ganesh statue with only one tusk.

Chubby Ganesh and His Temper

There is a very special story how Ganesh lost one tusk. When the Moon pulled Ganesh's leg for his obesity, Ganesh became wild, broke off his own tusk and threw it after the moon. Oh Ganesh, you may be the god of wisdom, but that was not very wise!

Ganesh's chubbiness has a reason. He has a craving for sweets.

Ganesh is often shown with a rat sitting close to his feet. The rat is said to produce gold and gemstones if squeezed. Ganesh is usually shown with four arms/ hands holding different religious attributes.

Ganesh - Statues

Ganesh as an Incense Burner

Ganesh Standing.

Ganesh making love with his Shakti.

Dieter Wanczura, May 2010.

Last Updated on Saturday, 30 October 2010 22:50  

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